Seeking Bipartisanship a Must Now All the More


A recent Pew report noted that “a large majority of the public wants the new president to work closely with members of the opposing party in Congress (76%)” and that “Overall, 50% say it is either very (10%) or somewhat (41%) likely that Donald Trump will work with Democrats in Washington on important issues, while about as many (49%) say they think this is very (20%) or somewhat (29%) unlikely.”

Given the divisive nature of the 2016 presidential election, the objective of seeking bipartisanship is going to be even more difficult–yet more crucial–than ever. It has been done before by Secretary Ray LaHood who wrote the book on it, literally with Frank H. Mackaman.

The book, aptly titled Seeking Bipartisanhip, has been praised by Republicans and Democrats. This fascinating read provides remarkable insights on how Washington works and what needs to change. Order this book on Amazon today and get free shipping!

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