Cambria Press Publication Review: Autobiographical Writing in Latin America

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Congratulations to Professor Sergio Franco (Temple University) on the excellent review of his book Autobiographical Writing in Latin America: Folds of the Self in the journal Hispania, which praises the book for being “superb” and noting that

For its variety of authors and types of autobiographical writing, its theoretical rigor and methodological approaches, and its impressive bibliography, this is a most valuable publication. This book should be included as mandatory bibliography to read in all graduate seminars.

The book is also commended by experts like Professor Gerald Martin, (University of Pittsburgh) and author of Gabriel García Márquez: A Life and The Cambridge Introduction to Gabriel García Márquez, who states that

Meticulous yet provocative; original yet firmly and scrupulously grounded in a wide and impressive array of carefully selected bibliographical sources; challenging on each and every page; illuminating both about autobiographical writing in Latin America and about the complexities and processes of self-writing in general: Sergio R. Franco’s new book is all of this and more.

Professor Raúl Bueno (Dartmouth College) also commends the book:

Sergio R. Franco’s book advances with brilliance his project on Spanish American narratives of the self exploring the major manifestations of the genre. Latin American autobiographies and memoirs are thriving at the end of the twentieth century, nurtured by contemporary individualism, narcissism, photography, ekphrastic narrative, and procedural analogies. Exhaustiveness and a shrewd theoretical pluralism characterize the volume. Expansive and incisive, this book can and should reach general theoretical attention

This book is part of the Cambria Latin American Literatures and Cultures Series, headed by Román de la Campa, the Edwin B. and Lenore R. Williams Professor of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania and is available from Cambria Press both in print and e-book formats.

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