Cambria Press Publication Review: Krausism and the Spanish Avant-Garde

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Congratulations to Professor Christian Rubio (Bentley University) on the outstanding review of his book Krausism and the Spanish Avant-Garde: The Impact of Philosophy on National Culture in the journal Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature, which praises it for providing readers with “a groundbreaking understanding of the artistic and social movements of this era.”

The review further commends Krausism and the Spanish Avant-Garde for being

an innovative study that confronts the traditional understanding of culture in Spain during the turn of twentieth century. Rubio´s new approach to Spanish cultural studies fits better within the European context because the author places Spain on the same level as other countries, rather than separating it from the rest of the continent. Rubio demonstrates that Krausism and its evolution within the Spanish cultural landscape effectively invigorated and reshaped national culture. … Rubio’s work provides a new thread of discussion in Spanish cultural studies and illustrates the need to revisit traditional understandings of the field.”

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