#AAS2021 Highlights

#AAS2021 Highlights

Cambria Press is proud to be a sponsor for the #AAS2021 conference. Here are a few of the new books that we will be showcasing:

#AAS2021 Book Highlights from Cambria Press

Mo Yan Speaks: Lectures and Speeches by the Nobel Laureate from China by Mo Yan
(translated by Shiyan Xu; foreword by Jonathan Stalling)

“To have a Nobel laureate’s take on literature is invaluable—it is all the more the case for Mo Yan, whose name means ‘Don’t Speak’! It is a significant contribution to the literary world that his insights will now be available to English readers for the first time in this priceless book, which contains important speeches and lectures by this writer whose impact on world literature continues to grow.” – Professor Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio, Nobel Laureate

From Rural China to the Ivy League: Reminiscences of Transformations in Modern Chinese History by Yü Ying-shih
(translated by Josephine Chiu-Duke and Michael S. Duke)

“An immense contribution to scholarship, this book is much more than the memoir of someone considered by many to be the most important living Chinese historian … this book is an essential record of the history of our times, bearing witness to the cultural, political, and social transformations of modern China. This book will have strong appeal to a wide audience—ranging from scholars to the general public. It is a must read for all those who would like to learn about the most tumultuous period in modern Chinese history and would be a great first book to read especially for students new to this period.”—Professor Chin-shing Huang, Academia Sinica

Decadence in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture: A Comparative and Literary-Historical Reevaluation by Hongjian Wang

“A fascinating study, Decadence in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture analyzes work by literary luminaries such as Yu Dafu, Shao Xunmei, Yu Hua, Su Tong, Wang Shuo, Wang Xiaobo, and Lin Lichuan, exposing writers’ use of the perverse and the decadent to counter traditional aesthetics and excessive politicization while carving out a new modern position for Chinese letters. This book brilliantly illuminates many hidden corners in a complex literary history.” —Wendy Larson, University of Oregon

Monstrosity and Chinese Cultural Identity: Xenophobia and the Reimagination of Foreignness in Vernacular Literature since the Song Dynasty by Isaac Yue

“Using selected key figures from Chinese literature from the Tang through the Qing, Isaac Yue traces the increasing attribution of monstrous qualities to foreigners as a means to demean the Other while inflating the stature of Chinese cultural identity. Yue’s sharp observations on the evolving images of Zhang Fei, Sun Wukong, and Zhong Kui will surely inspire a reevaluation of the cultural relevance of the texts in which these figures appear.” —Robert E. Hegel, Washington University in St. Louis

Writing Poetry, Surviving War: The Works of Refugee Scholar-Official Chen Yuyi (1090–1139) by Yugen Wang

“A meticulous study of Chen Yuyi’s evolution as a poet in the context of his personal experience and the literary trends in the transitional period between the Northern and the Southern Song. The copious and judicious translations of Chen’s poetic works are well executed and accompanied with incisive explications.” —Xiaoshan Yang, University of Notre Dame

Rethinking the Modern Chinese Canon: Refractions across the Transpacific by Clara Iwasaki

“The book will benefit not only scholars of modern Chinese literature but of Sinophone studies, comparative literature, American studies, Asian American studies, transpacific studies, cultural studies, and even modern comparative history, and will be an important teaching tool in translation studies.” —Ari L. N. Heinrich, Australian National University

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