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Outstanding Review for Saving American Elections by Anthony Gierzynski

Today’s Top Review at Choice magazine is Saving American Elections: A Diagnosis and Prescription for a Healthier Democracy  by Anthony Gierzynski. This book is in the Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in America book series by Scott Frisch and Sean Kelly. Watch Professor Gierzynki’s TV interview  as well another interview at the University of Vermont.

Interview with Dr. Christopher Sands of the Hudson Institute about Forgotten Partnership Redux

Forgotten Partnership: U.S. – Canada Relations Today by Charles Doran, published 25 years ago and hailed by the American Review of Canadian Studies as “an important, original contribution to understanding of the most complex network of interactions and intervulnerabilities between sovereign countries in the non-communist world.” Watch an interview with Dr. Charles Doran on C-SPAN. Cambria Press is proud to...

Without Palin, It is Romney’s Race to Lose by Lara M. Brown (Villanova University)

On January 12, 2011, former chief executive officer of Godfather’s Pizza Herman Cain became the first Republican to make official his 2012 presidential aspirations and form an exploratory committee. Political analysts instantly reacted with skepticism about his chances. Most pundits thought that––at best––Cain, if he could raise funds, would “add charisma, a compelling story, and some craziness” to the GOP...

Cambria Press Book Review: Filibustering in the U.S. Senate (Lauren C. Bell)

Cambria Press congratulates Lauren C. Bell for the excellent review and recommendation of her book Filibustering in the U.S. Senate by CHOICE, the premier review journal for academic libraries. The book is recommended for libraries because it is “a fine contribution to a growing literature on Senate obstructionism.” *This book is in the Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in America...

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