Cambria Press Book Series Highlight for MLA 2012: Cambria Sinophone World Series

Cambria Press Victor Mair

Cambria Press is proud to announce a new series that has evolved from an earlier one, the Culture, Literature, & Religion in Greater China Book Series.

The series will now be known as the Cambria Sinophone World Series to herald its new leadership and vision.

The Sinophone world refers to Sinitic-language cultures and communities born of colonial and postcolonial histories on the margins of geopolitical nation-states all across the world.

Professor Victor H. Mair (University of Pennsylvania) is the series editor.

The members of the editorial board are:

  • Ann Huss (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Xiaofei Kang (George Washington University)
  • Jianmei Liu (University of Maryland)
  • Haun Saussy (University of Chicago)
  • Tansen Sen (Baruch College)
  • Shu-mei Shih (UCLA)
  • Jing Tsu (Yale University)
  • David Der-wei Wang (Harvard University)

Books published in the Culture, Literature, & Religion in Greater China Book Series include:

  • Translation Zones in Modern China: Authoritarian Command Versus Gift Exchange by Bonnie S. McDougall
  • An Existential Reading of the Confucian Analects by Andrew Zhonghu Yan
  • A Subversive Voice in China: The Fictional World of Mo Yan by Shelley W. Chan
  • The Jin Yong Phenomenon: Chinese Martial Arts Fiction and Modern Chinese Literary History by Ann Huss and Jianmei Liu
  • Feminism and Global Chineseness: The Cultural Production of Controversial Women Authors by Aijun Zhu
  • Reflections on Dream of the Red Chamber By Liu Zaifu (Translated by Shu Yunzhong)

Learn more about this series at the MLA annual convention.

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