Cambria Press Author Andrew Zhonghu Yan at the 2012 Asian Studies Association (AAS) Annual Conference in Toronto

Asian Studies Association AAS Annual Conference 2012 Toronto
Dr. Andrew Zhonghu Yan at the Cambria Press booth with his book

It is always nice to meet our authors, especially for the first time. Dr. Andrew Zhonghu Yan, author of An Existential Reading of the Confucian Analects, stopped by. Dr. Yan’s book is part of the Culture, Literature, & Religion in Greater China Book Series (series editors: Jianmei Liu, University of Maryland; Ann Huss, Chinese University of Hong Kong; and Xiaofei Kang, George Washington University) which has now evolved into the Cambria Sinophone World Series, headed by Professor Victor H. Mair (University of Pennsylvania).

In Dr. Yan’s existential reading of the Analects, he takes Paul Tillich as an omnipresent dialogical partner because his existential theology was at one time very influential in the West and currently very popular in Chinese academia. The most important contribution of this study is that it reveals the religious or theological dimension of the Confucian Analects. This is an important book for those engaged in the study of the Confucian Analects, including those in Chinese studies as well as comparative theology and religion.

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