AAS 2012 Annual Conference Better than Expected – Huge Success for Cambria Press!

The 2012 AAS annual conference was a huge success for Cambria Press and things went even better than anticipated. Not surprisingly, there was much excitement over the Cambria Sinophone World Series, headed by Professor Victor H. Mair (University of Pennsylvania). In fact, this will have to be a post all by itself!

The Cambria Press booth stood out not only because of the books displayed but also because of the enormous, eye-catching banners and large, beautiful posters of book covers. Cambria Press was placed in a prime position––a corner booth by the main aisle––and a 6-ft long banner, featuring our e-book program and the Cambria Sinophone World Series was hung along the wall of the booth so that everyone walking down the main aisle would not miss it. We received many nice comments about this, and many were pleased that we featured the QR code for the Cambria Press website so they could look it up easily on their cell phones.

Asian Studies AAS Cambria Sinophone World Series
This 6-ft-long, eye-catching Cambria Press banner was hung on the outer panel of our premium corner booth so that everyone in the main aisle of the exhibit hall would not miss it.

Thank you to all who visited our booth, especially the Cambria Press authors (whom we were delighted to see so pleased with the exhibit … those will have to be posts all by themselves!) as well so many new faces–thank you for already following up and we look forward to keeping in touch!

We hope everyone enjoyed Toronto, especially given the exceptionally good weather!

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