Book Highlights for Latin American Studies (LASA 2012)

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Cambria Press would like to highlight a few books, which have garnered excellent book reviews, for scholars in Latin American studies. These books would be valuable additions to academic libraries not only for their Latin American studies collections but also for their history and literature collections as well.

In addition to the two recent posted reviews on Cuban–Latin American Relations in the Context of a Changing Hemisphere and What Is Eating Latin American Women Writers: Food, Weight, and Eating Disorders, other noteworthy books reviews include the ones on:

The Latin American Identity and the African Diaspora: Ethnogenesis in Context by Antonio Olliz Boyd

Public Memory of Slavery: Victims and Perpetrators in the South Atlantic by Ana Lucia Araujo

Urban Brazil: Visions, Afflictions, and Governance Lessons by Ivani Vassoler

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