Sacred Display by Miriam Robbins Dexter and Victor H. Mair Wins the Sarasvati Award for the Best Nonfiction Book in Women and Mythology!

Cambria Press congratulates Professors Miriam Robbins Dexter and Victor H. Mair on their book, Sacred Display: Divine and Magical Female Figures of Eurasia, winning the Sarasvati Award for the Best Nonfiction Book in Women and Mythology!

This book which discusses erotic and magical goddesses and heroines in several ancient cultures; such a wide-ranging cross-cultural and cross-temporal view of this genre of female figures has never been undertaken until now, and this was only possible given the authors’ formidable combined linguistic expertise in over thirty languages.

Both professors are renowned for their expertise and there could not be a better-matched pair of authorities for such an unusual study. In fact, the work was praised for this in the Journal of World History, which stated that the book “illustrates well the powerful synergies that are so often generated within world history scholarship by collaboration between specialists in different regions and different scholarly disciplines.”

Only Professor Dexter was present to accept the award; Professor Mair (aptly dubbed the Indiana Jones of China!) was on a desert expedition in China at the time. She was also interviewed on a radio program about the phenomenon of sacred display during the conference. Read the fascinating Q&A session that UCLA conducted with Professor Miriam Dexter on the power of female display that is explored in this book, which was published by Cambria Press in 2010.

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