First-Rate Cambria Press Book Review! Asian Anthropologist hails Japan’s Shrinking Regions in the 21st Century for being “very substantial” and a “must read”!

Cambria Press congratulates Peter Matanle, Anthony Rausch, and the Shrinking Regions Research Group on the review on their highly acclaimed book Japan’s Shrinking Regions in the 21st Century: Contemporary Responses to Depopulation and Socioeconomic Decline!

The reviewer for Asian Anthropologist praises the book, stating that this is “an ambitious project. I should also note that it is largely successful in achieving its ambitions. My first impression was that it was extremely expensive. After reading it; I have decided that this book is something of a bargain. In my professional career, I have read a large number of academic books, only a few of which were as worthwhile, even per dollar, as this one.” He further adds that “this is a very important book” and notes that “it is very substantial and a ‘must read’ not only for people specializing in rural Japan.”

The book has also been praised by noted experts for being “one of the best books on contemporary Japan produced in the past 30 years and represents a must-read for scholars of Japan, demographers, and anyone interested in processes of population change that will affect many parts of the world in the future.”

"Very substantial and a must read"! - Asian Anthropologist
“Very substantial and a must read”! – Asian Anthropologist

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