AAS 2013 Book Highlights: Outstanding Reviews for Cambria Press Titles!

Africans in China, North Korea, Ban Gu, and the shrinking population of Japan are just a few of the fascinating topics covered in the highlighted Cambria Press titles.
Africans in China, North Korea, Ban Gu, and the shrinking population of Japan are just a few of the fascinating topics covered in the highlighted Cambria Press titles.

In addition to the titles in the Cambria Sinophone World Series, the following titles in Asian Studies are being highlighted for the 2013 Asian Studies Association (AAS) annual conference in San Diego (click on links for more details):

Sacred Display: Divine and Magical Female Figures of Eurasia by Miriam Robbins Dexter and Victor H. Mair (Winner of the the Sarasvati Award for Best Nonfiction Book in Women and Mythology)

Africans in China: A Sociocultural Study and Its Implications on Africa-China Relations by Adams Bodomo (“Essential reading for scholars’! – The China Quarterly)

Power and Politics in Tenth-Century China: The Former Shu Regime by Hongjie Wang (“Admirably straightforward … good place to start thinking about the rest of China during the Five Dynasties period.” – Journal of Asian Studies)

The Lyrical Resonance Between Chinese Poets and Painters: The Tradition and Poetics of Tihuashi by Daan Pan (“An extremely rewarding read … far surpasses any previous English-language study of the subject.” – Journal of Asian Studies)

North Korea Demystified by Han S. Park with Regan Damron and Jonathan Polk (“This volume does indeed deliver according to its title … I strongly recommend this book!” – Johan Galtung, Alternative Nobel Prize Winner and founder of TRANSCEND International)

Japan’s Shrinking Regions in the 21st Century: Contemporary Responses to Depopulation and Socioeconomic Decline by Peter Matanle and Anthony Rausch with the Shrinking Regions Research Group (“A very important book … very substantial and a must read” – Asian Anthropologist)

Japanese and Nikkei at Home and Abroad: Negotiating Identities in a Global World by Nobuko Adachi (“Much to commend.” – The Journal of American-East Asian Relations)

Democratization in Confucian East Asia: Citizen Politics in China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam by Zhengxu Wang (“Clearly presented and succinctly argued.”– East Asia)

Islam and Democratization in Asia by Shiping Hua (“Suitable and useful for scholars, political commentators, students, and teachers of the field alike.” – Islam and Muslim Societies)

Music in Ancient China: An Archaeological and Art Historical Study of Strings, Winds, and Drums during the Eastern Zhou and Han Periods (770 BCE-220 CE) by Ingrid Furniss (Winner of the Nicolas Bessaraboff Prize)

Archaeoastronomy in East Asia: Historical Observational Records of Comets and Meteor Showers from China, Japan, and Korea by David Pankenier, Zhentao Xu, and Yaotiao Jiang (“Spectacular … an important source of data and inspiration.” – Journal for the History of Astronomy)

Ban Gu’s History of Early China by Anthony E. Clark (“The author has paved the way for future studies of Chinese political culture and historiography, and for this we are indebted to him.” – Journal of the American Oriental Society)

Reflections on Dream of the Red Chamber by Liu Zaifu (translated by Shu Yunzhong) (“A delightful, fascinating, and enlightening reading.” – China Review International)

On China By India: From Civilization to Nation-State by Chih-yu Shih, Swaran Singh, and Reena Marwah (“Our understanding of China is greatly enriched by new insights that this broader vision yields.” – Peter J. Katzenstein, Walter S. Carpenter, Jr. Professor of International Studies, Cornell University)


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