Excellent Cambria Press Book Review! Archives of Women’s Mental Health lauds Childbirth in a Technocratic Age!

Cambria Press congratulates Elizabeth Soliday on the excellent review by Archives of Women’s Mental Health on her book Childbirth in a Technocratic Age: The Documentation of Women’s Expectations and Experiences! It is a fitting coincidence that this review came in the day after Mother’s Day!

The journal commends the book because it is “a very organized and readable book” and makes a further recommendation that “healthcare providers from various disciplines would likely benefit from reading Elizabeth Soliday’s compassionate book in which she advocates for mothers by emphasizing the many factors, most important of which is patient autonomy, that contribute to maternal satisfaction in the labor and delivery process.”

You can read Dr. Soliday’s Q&A about her research for the book here at the Cambria Press blog.

Cambria Press Book Review: Childbirth in a Technocratic Age
Cambria Press Book Review: Childbirth in a Technocratic Age

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