Yet Another Fantastic Journal Review for Shirley Hazzard: Literary Expatriate and Cosmopolitan Humanist!

Cambria Press congratulates Brigitta Olubas on the outstanding review by JASAL on her book Shirley Hazzard: Literary Expatriate and Cosmopolitan Humanist, which reinforces what an important book this is for scholars in contemporary literature.

Already hailed for being “scrupulously scholarly” in another review, JASAL praises the book because it “demonstrates what a gift intelligent, passionately engaged and theoretically attuned literary criticism can be.” The review also lauds the work because “Olubas helps us to grasp the warp and weft of Hazzard’s ethical concerns, channelled through her commitment to the word and to her art, in her historical context and development over time. She shows us how these threads are intricately woven together, at every stage, in the realisation of what now appears as an astonishingly imaginative fictional universe, one that also makes its urgent address to the concerns of the contemporary world.”

This book is in the Cambria Studies in Australian Literature, headed by Dr. Susan Lever, author of David Foster: The Satirist of Australia.

Cambria Press Book Review
Cambria Press Book Review: Shirley Hazzard

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