Happy Presidents’ Day! See Essential Books (and their Outstanding Reviews) for Presidential Studies!

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Presidents’ Day Sale on Outstanding Titles with Great Reviews!

Happy Presidents’ Day! Cambria Press is providing a 40% discount on all hardcover political science titles. Visit the Cambria Press website to browse the books and read the excellent reviews.

Some essential books for presidential studies include:

  1. CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Jimmy Carter and the Water Wars
  2. Tough Times for the President by Ryan J. Barilleaux and Jewerl Maxwell (A well-done study!” – Shirley Anne Warshaw, Gettysburg College)
  3. Corruption and American Politics by Michael A. Genovese and Victoria A. Farrar-Myers (“Can be read cover to cover to great profit.” – Presidential Studies Quarterly)
  4. Filibustering in the U.S. Senate by Lauren C. Bell (“Important … produces a nuanced picture” – APSA Legislative Studies Section)
  5. Jockeying for the American Presidency by Lara M. Brown (“Much of value for scholars.” –Presidential Studies Quarterly)
  6. Presidential Electors and the Electoral College by Robert M. Alexander (“An important, if not definitive, study of the subject. Recommended.” – CHOICE)
  7. Saving American Elections by Anthony Gierzynski (Recommended. All readership levels.” –CHOICE)

These titles are all in the Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in America book series coedited by Dr. Scott Frisch and Dr. Sean Kelly.

If these books are not in your university library, recommend them and ask them to use code PRES217 so that your library saves 40% on all hardcover titles. The offer is valid until March 15.

These books offer excellent chapter readings for undergraduate and graduate courses, and professors can now avoid the hassle of textbook orders and simply assign a book chapter (or more) to students for the week’s reading for only $8.99! Check out the e-book rentals under “Detailed Info” on each book’s webpage.

Questions? E-mail sales[at]cambriapress.com.

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