AAS 2014 Book Highlight: Infected Korean Language, Purity versus Hybridity

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This work by well-known South Korean Koh Jongsok has been expertly translated with a critical introduction by Ross King

Praise for Infected Korean Language,  Purity versus Hybridity:
“This is wonderful work in an overlooked area. The scholarship is brilliant, innovative, and highly specialized––one must be well prepared in modern Korean, premodern Korean, and Chinese to undertake such a work. This is a real masterpiece!” – Mark Arlen Peterson, Brigham Young University

An excerpt from the book:
…the legacies of the sinographic cosmopolis and Japanese colonialism are further complicated by the continued and ever-more hegemonic presence of English in postliberation Korean linguistic life. And the Korean situation is rendered even more complex by the fact that all these issues have been debated in Korea in an intellectual environment dominated by deeply conservative and racialized notions of “purity,” minjok 民族 (ethno-nation) and kugŏ 國語 (national language—itself an ideological formation owing in large part to Korea’s experience with Japan; see Lee 2010). It is these illiberal facets of Korean language ideology and linguistic nationalism that Koh Jongsok seeks to expose and critique. In the process, the reader learns volumes about the course of linguistic modernity in Korea since the 1890s and comes away with a healthy skepticism about the dominant language ideological narratives surrounding the history of language, writing, and literary culture in Korea.

This book will be on display at Cambria Press booth #302 (right in front of the exhibit hall entrance)
at the 2014 Association of Asian Studies (AAS) annual conference in Philadelphia,
but you don’t have to wait–read more now through the Cambria Free Preview.

MEET THE TRANSLATOR! Dr. King will be speaking at the AAS book launch session (room 407) on Friday (March 28) at 7:30 p.m.

*This book is in the Cambria Sinophone World Series (general editor: Victor H. Mair).

Check out the 2014 Cambria Press Asian studies catalog and download the booklist for your librarian.

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