Victor Mair and other Cambria Press authors speak at the AAS 2014 conference book launch session

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Victor Mair, general editor of the Cambria Sinophone World Series, and Toni Tan at the Cambria Press booth (AAS 2014, Philadelphia)
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Cambria Press book launch: Victor Mair introduced Ross King and Nicholas Kaldis, and he spoke for Karen An-hwei Lee, Alison Groppe, and Paul Manfredi. Toni Tan presented Sanchita Saxena, Cecilia Segawa Seigle, Linda H. Chance, and Tanya Storch. Tansen Sen spoke on behalf of Dorothy Wong and Gustav Heldt.

Another major reason why the AAS 2014 conference was such a huge success for Cambria Press was the book launch session for our authors. The room was filled with scholars across many disciplines in Asian studies who came to hear the following authors speak about their new books (click on author’s name to watch their speech). Toni Tan, director of Cambria Press, introduced the following authors:

Victor Mair spoke about the Cambria Sinophone World series and introduced two authors who were there:

Dr. Mair also introduced new books in the Cambria Sinophone World Series on behalf of authors who were unable to make it to the AAS 2014 conference in Philadelphia.  These were:

Tansen Sen, who is on the editorial board of the series,  spoke on behalf of Dr. Dorothy Wong and Dr. Gustav Heldt for their forthcoming book, China and Beyond in the Medieaval Period: Cultural Crossings and Inter-regional Connections.

For more information on these books, visit the Cambria Press website.
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