Cambria Press Book Reviews: Sinophone Malaysian Literature is “laudable” and “exceptionally well-researched”!

Sinophone Malaysian Literature
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Cambria Press congratulates Alison Groppe, assistant professor of Chinese literature at the University of Oregon, on the excellent reviews of her book, Sinophone Malaysian Literature: Not Made in China. The premier library academic journal CHOICE praises the book because it is “exceptionally well-researched.”

The journal Southeast Asian Studies also commends the book for being well-researched, adding that “[w]ith its comprehensive coverage, focused treatment, and lucid exposition, Sinophone Malaysian Literature marks a key reference volume in the English language on the topic” and that this “laudable book-length study has laid a solid foundation upon which scholars can investigate further to yield fresher insights about the uneasy making of modern Sinophone Southeast Asian subjects and their hybrid cultural identities.”

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Watch Dr. Victor Mair introduce the book at the AAS launch.

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