Monumenta Nipponica Praises Ooku, The Secret World of the Shogun’s Women for having “much to recommend it” – Read the Outstanding Book Review

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Ooku, The Secret World of the Shogun’s Women
by Cecilia Segawa Seigle and Linda H. Chance has “much to recommend it”


Cambria Press congratulates Professors Cecilia Segawa Seigle and Linda H. Chance (University of Pennsylvania) on the outstanding review of their book Ooku, The Secret World of the Shogun’s Women in the journal Monumenta Nipponica, which states that “a useful and essential supplement to [Conrad Totman’s] Politics in the Tokugawa Bakufu and demonstrates that at least by the second half of the Tokugawa period, the ‘occasional pressures’ […] had become a routine part of the process by which men advanced in office; moreover, office seekers, whether male or female, had to pull strings in the Ooku (female space), the Omote (male space), or both. Seigle is to be commended for having dug through so many diverse sources, many in manuscript form, during the course of her research and for having brought to light what is known of the women who lived and worked in the Ooku in exhaustive detail […] this book has much to recommend it.”

Dr. Linda Chance will be at the AAS as the discussant for the roundtable “Book Studies: Materiality and Method in Asian Studies” on Friday at 10:45 a.m.

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