#Kzoo15: Fantasy and Science-Fiction Medievalisms — Our Minds are in the Gutter and The Arabian Nights

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#KZoo15: Be sure to catch Geoffrey B. Elliott, Andrew B. R. Elliott, and Kris Swank of Fantasy and Science-Fiction Medievalisms (edited by Helen Young)!

If you missed Geoffrey B. Elliott’s session this morning at the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies, you can still catch him on Saturday either at “From Frodo to Fidelma: Medievalisms in Popular Genres” (1:30 p.m.) or at “Martin and More: Genre Medievalisms” (3:30 p.m.) Be sure to get a flyer–it has a coupon code for 35% off–from him for the new book edited by Helen Young, Fantasy and Science-Fiction Medievalisms.

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Other contributors who have contributed to this volume who will also be at the congress are Andrew B. R. Elliott and Kris Swank.

“Although there is indeed a preponderance of dirtiness in televisual Middle Ages that is symptomatic of Eco’s shaggy medievalism, its frequency does not necessarily reflect a wholesale shift to adult content but instead represents a fragmentation into increasingly niche—and carefully targeted—audiences; thus, only some of the medieval worlds on offer are shaggy.”

– Andrew B. R. Elliott ,
“Our Minds Are in the Gutter, But Some of Us Are Watching Starz…”,
Fantasy and Science-Fiction Medievalisms

Andrew B. R. Elliott will be presenting at the session “Political Medievalisms” on Friday at 3:30 p.m.

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“The fantastical elements in many of the tales—sorcerers, jinni, rukh—make the Arabian Nights a natural source of inspiration for the fantasy genre. They also provide authors with a different environment from the endlessly reworked European feudal setting of so much post-Tolkien fantasy.”

– Kris Swank ,
“The Arabian Nights in 21st-Century Fantasy Fiction and Film,”
Fantasy and Science-Fiction Medievalisms

Kris Swank will be presenting at the sessions“From Frodo to Fidelma: Medievalisms in Popular Genres” on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. and “Tolkien as Linguist and Medievalist” on Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

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You can also download the flyer for Fantasy and Science-Fiction Medievalisms. This book is in the Cambria Studies in Classicism, Orientalism, and Medievalism book series (General Editor: Nickolas A. Haydock).

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