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New Book Highlight!
“The Brazilian slave past and its African heritage are emerging in urban and rural areas in various forms led not only by activists but also by scholars engaged with local black communities.” – Ana Lucia Araujo

Ana Lucia Araujo, Professor of History at Howard University, has just published another fascinating book, African Heritage and Memories of Slavery in Brazil and the South Atlantic World.

This interdisciplinary study examines visual images, dance, music, oral accounts, museum exhibitions, artifacts, monuments, festivals, and others forms of commemoration to illuminate the social and cultural dynamics that over the last twenty years have propelled—or prevented—the visibility of African heritage (and its Atlantic slave trade legacy) in the South Atlantic region.

Dr. Araujo’s other publications include the highly acclaimed Public Memory of Slavery and Paths of the Atlantic Slave Trade. She is also the general editor of the Cambria Studies in Slavery Series; forthcoming books in the series include Transatlantic Memories of Slavery by Anna Scaachi and Elisa Bordin and Slavery, Migrations, and Transformations by Toyin Falola and Danielle Porter Sanchez.

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such as the ones below. These include the books in the

*Picturing Argentina: Myths, Movies, and the Peronist Vision (Currie K. Thompson)

*Central American Avant-Garde Narrative: Literary Innovation and Cultural Change (1926–1936) (Adrian Taylor Kane)

*Music, Politics, and Nationalism In Latin America: Chile During the Cold War Era (Jedrek Mularski)

*Contemporary Hispanic Poets: Cultural Production in the Global, Digital Age (John Burns)

Contemporary Chicana Literature: (Re)Writing the Maternal Script (Cristina Herrera)

Black Women as Custodians of History: Unsung Rebel (M)Others in African American and Afro-Cuban Women’s Writing (Paula Sanmartín: Cambria Studies in Slavery Series by Ana Lucia Araujo, Howard University)

Performance, Theatre, and Society in Contemporary Nicaragua: Spectacles of Gender, Sexuality, and Marginality (Alberto Guevara; Cambria Contemporary Global Performing Arts Series by John Clum, Duke University)

Special Book Highlight–Recent Outstanding Journal Review!
Transforming the Enemy in Spanish Culture
: The Conquest through the Lens of Textual and Visual Multiplicity (Lauren Beck )
“An exhaustive study … Exploring both textual and visual resources and both archival and mass-produced sources, and with a strong reliance on primary sources, Beck offers an examination both broad and deep. … this work has been extensively researched… replete with several pages of bibliographical and explanatory endnotes and color and black-and-white plates depicting artwork, maps, charts, and other visuals in support of the study, and Beck accessed sources in languages as varied as Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, German, Dutch, Italian, English, and French. … the book is presented in a very nice sturdy hardcover edition, something that is a bit of a rarity in today’s publishing climate. … the appeal of this book should be as broad as its subject matter; it could easily find a home on the bookshelf of the specialist, the student or just the interested reader in Latin American history, European history, comparative cultural studies, religious studies, or art.” – Hispania

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