5 Must-Read Books for the 2016 Election

The following Cambria Press publications have received outstanding reviews not only from top academic journals but also scholars and practitioners. Select quotes and excerpts from the book reviews are provided below.

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These publications will be on display at the Cambria Press booth at the American Political Science (APSA) annual meeting next week .

1. Jockeying for the American Presidency by Lara M. Brown

Quote from the book:

It is about understanding how presidential aspirants turn political conditions and exogenous events to their favor in order to promote their ambitions.”

Book Reviews:
“Brown’s extensive analysis yields a variety of new and important findings …
this volume contains much of value for scholars of the presidency and presidential elections.” – Presidential Studies Quarterly

“Recommended.” – CHOICE

2. Saving American Elections
by Anthony Gierzynski

Quote from the book:

“The past afflictions of discrimination and corruption did not just go away on their own, after all; they required legal and even constitutional changes that were driven by popular movements. The modern afflictions affecting US elections are no different.”

Book Reviews:
“One of the more interesting prescriptions involves a new civic curriculum to teach the public to think of elections as a way to participate in community decisions and less as an individual expression of opinion. … Recommended. All readership levels.” – CHOICE

3. Presidential Electors and
the Electoral College
by Robert M. Alexander

Quote from the book:

“Very little is known about presidential electors … That they are responsible for ultimately selecting the country’s only nationally elected figure has created great controversy over time.”

Book Reviews:

“A solid, well-composed work of research, an important, if not definitive, study of the subject. Recommended.” – CHOICE

“Valuable and much needed … A serious contribution.”
– Tom Cronin, Colorado College

4. Tough times for the President
by Ryan Barilleaux & Jewerl Maxwell

Quote from the book:

“The focus on presidential leadership and greatness has had significant consequences for the chief executive and the way Americans understand the presidency. It has led to unrealistic expectations …”

Book Reviews:
“A fascinating, challenging, and important book. … given the frequency of tough times, it behooves a president to explore the alternative approaches to governing outlined in this book.” – Presidential Studies Quarterly

5. Jimmy Carter and the Water Wars
by Scott A. Frisch & Sean Q. Kelly

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

Quote from the book:

“Jimmy Carter campaigned and won the presidency as an anti-Washington outsider who was especially critical of Congress, rankling many members of Congress. … Balancing the budget was possible, he argued, by reducing wasteful congressional spending.”

Book Reviews:

“An important study of presidential influence in Congress.”
– John Anthony Maltese, University of Georgia

These books will be on display at the Cambria Press booth at the 2015 American Political Science Association (APSA) annual meeting in San Francisco next week.

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For a summary of books and reviews in the PIPPA series, see this from Cambria Press.


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