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Kim Scott is one of the featured authors in the forthcoming Cambria Press publication, Giving This Country a Memory by Anne Brewster.

Kim Scott is one of Australia’s best-known indigenous writers and has published three novels, True Country, Benang, and That Deadman Dance.

Excerpt from Cambria Press Publication:
Giving This Country a Memory (Chapter 1: Kim Scott)

“Scott’s work reminds non-indigenous audiences of their proximity to indigenous peoples and their complex relationship with Aboriginal sovereignty. Indeed, in his interview he challenged the primacy of Western culture and its literary canon. He suggested that “instead of saying indigenous or Noongar literature is the niche within some other sort of literature, you start to think it’s all Noongar and then literature has been accommodated within the Noongar heritage and tradition”. Like other Aboriginal artists, he explores various aspects of indigeneity and challenges white superintendence of cross-racial intersubjectivity. Scott described his writing as a means of exploring the “intersection” or “meeting point” of Noongar consciousness and cultural worldview with the English language.” (p.22)

Giving This Country A Memory: Contemporary Aboriginal Voices of Australia by Anne Brewster is part of the Cambria Australian Literature Series, headed by Susan Lever.

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