MLA 2013: Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian with Mabel Lee and Christopher Lupke

Cambria Press MLA Booth Mabel Lee Gao Xingjian Christopher Lupke
Cambria Press Booth (2013 MLA, Boston) : Dr. Mabel Lee (University of Sydney), Nobel Prize Winner in Literature Gao Xingjian, and Professor Christopher Lupke (Washington State University).

Photo (left to right): Dr. Mabel Lee (University of Sydney), Gao Xingjian, and Professor Christopher Lupke (Washington State University).

Many came to the Cambria Press booth for Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian’s book-signing sessions for his new book Gao Xingjian: Aesthetics and Creation. Gao Xingjian also had book-signing sessions for Soul Mountain at the HarperCollins booth, which was right next to the Cambria Press booth. The great synergy for Cambria Press and HarperCollins led to even more visitors than anticipated for both presses!

Among the many visitors, we were especially delighted to see Professor Christopher Lupke (Washington State University), who has been instrumental in pushing for a greater representation of Asia at the MLA annual convention. His hard work has paid off as seen not only by the higher number of sessions but also the large session rooms that became so packed that attendees had to sit on the floor!   Special thanks also go to Professor Lupke for his extraordinary efforts in organizing many events, including Gao Xingjian’s fabulous birthday dinner that we were very honored to be a part of!

There were other visitors to the booth too, including Professor Liu Jianmei who flew all the way from Hong Kong just for the MLA events for Gao Xingjian, as well as another Cambria Press author E.K. Tan whose book was also published just in time for the MLA annual convention along with Gao Xingjian‘s and Liu Zaifu‘s.

More to be posted soon.

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