AAS 2014 Book Highlight: Modern Poetry in China by Paul Manfredi

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“[B]y actually looking at the poetry one arrives at an alternative poetics, one that is not so rigidly structured by dichotomies of ancient/modern, word/image, not to mention China/West. Bringing
this alternative poetics into view requires looking not only at different media but also across media, bridging the gap that is created in the modern historical configurations of artistic expression. In some cases such a bridge is presented in the media of a single figure. By and large, though, the modern’s engagement with one medium or the other tends to be situated differently, which is to say that many who engage in innovative poetics occupy different cultural space with regard to their visual work. This is why recent trends in Chinese poetry and art circles are so notable, because they represent a confluence of aesthetic engagement in the contemporary world, one China has rarely seen for the past century or so.”  – Paul Manfredi, Modern Poetry in China: A Visual-Verbal Dynamic

This book will be on display at Cambria Press booth #302 (right in front of the exhibit hall entrance)

at the 2014 Association of Asian Studies (AAS) annual conference in Philadelphia,
but you don’t have to wait–read more now through the Cambria Free Preview.

*This book is in the Cambria Sinophone World Series (general editor: Victor H. Mair).
MEET THE SERIES EDITOR! Dr. Victor Mair will be speaking at the AAS book launch session (room 407) on Friday (March 28) at 7:30 p.m. and introducing this book.

Check out the 2014 Cambria Press Asian studies catalog and download the booklist for your librarian.

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