MLA Prize: A History of Taiwan Literature

Congratulations to Professor Christopher Lupke (University of Alberta) on winning the Modern Language Association‘s Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for a Translation of a Scholarly Study of Literature for A History of Taiwan Literature by Yeh Shih-tao (Yè Shítāo 葉石濤)!

The MLA committee’s citation about the book: “Ye Shitao’s ‘A History of Taiwan Literature’ is a seminal work in establishing the field of Taiwanese literature and literary history in its own right. Although it is an outline of the history of Taiwanese literature, the study has an impressive scope, introducing English-speaking readers to the complexities of the literary field and discussing single authors, as well as literary societies, magazines, and cultural trends as they come together to create a national literature. Christopher Lupke’s masterful and fluid translation gives the reader the full flavor of the rhetoric and style of the original. The volume also includes extensive Japanese-language notes that, together with the introduction, ensure a better understanding of the significance of Ye Shitao’s book.”

This book is part of the Cambria Literature in Taiwan Series, headed by Professor Nikky Lin (National Taiwan Normal University) in collaboration with the National Museum of Taiwan Literature and National Taiwan Normal University. 

See also Professor Lupke’s other acclaimed book The Sinophone Cinema of Hou Hsiao-hsien: Culture, Style, Voice, and Motion, which is part of the Cambria Sinophone World Series headed by Victor H. Mair (University of Pennsylvania) and the Cambria Global Performing Arts Series headed by John M. Clum (Duke University).

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