MLA 2013: Shu-mei Shih and E. K. Tan

Cambria Press MLA EK Tan Shu-mei Shih
Cambria Press author Professor E. K. Tan and Cambria SInophone World Series editorial board member Professor Shu-Mei Shih with his new book, Rethinking Chineseness, at the 2013 MLA annual convention in Boston.

Among the scholars praising Professor E. K. Tan’s new book, Rethinking Chineseness: Translational Sinophone Identities in the Nanyang Literary World, for its contribution to  Sinophone studies is Professor Shu-mei Shih (UCLA) who has been widely credited for coining the term Sinophone and is on the editorial board of the Cambria Sinophone World Series. Professor Shih has praised Professor Tan’s book for being “conceptually innovative and flawlessly written.” Professor Shih was thus very pleased to see Professor Tan’s book at the MLA annual convention.

Cambria Press also warmly congratulates Professor Shu-mei Shih and her coeditors Chien-hsin Tsai and Brian Bernards on their recently published book, Sinophone Studies: A Critical Reader by Columbia University Press, which will also be an extremely valuable addition to the field of Sinophone studies!

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